vegkamera windows8 app

Weather and traffic conditions are extremely important topics in Norway. With this in mind, Vegkamera is the solution to quickly inform users about these two issues through the use of the myriad of the public web cameras present on every road in the country.

I was asked to improve the user experience and the UI.

Role: Art direction and visual design



• Map - See a map of where the camera is placed.

• Overview - See all web cameras as a list.

• Filtering - Move the cameras where you like them. Set them as favorites or put them in quarantine.

• Detail view --- Click a web camera image on the main page to see the detail view.


• Weather forecast - On detail view get the weather forecast for the location.

• Traffic messages - see traffic messages in realtime for a specified county. Also viewed on the map as pushpins and color coded accordingly. 

• Live tiles - Follow cameras and traffic messages from live tiles.


User flow

User flow