the brooke

Early 2015, The Brooke – an animal welfare organisation – challenged several agencies to re-think their digital presence. After the preliminary discovery phase, it was clear that an integrated strategy was needed to develop the Brooke’s digital footprint. 


Role: Art direction and lead visual design
Squiz UK • 2015



We’ve re-imagined one of The Brooke's biggest campaigns of 2014 to illustrate how a digital presence might operate if it were executed following a Costumer Experience Platform – focusing on building relationships and not being just a donation bucket.

The Invisible Helpers report illustrated the importance of equines to developing rural economies - equines are more than machinery.
They are described as a set of extra helping hands and legs for women. They are the backbone of the family.  Donkeys are a pivot of social and economical empowerment.

 How do you ‘un-think’ a donkey? We turned to Magritte, the master of un-thinkery.

"A donkey is not a donkey, it's a teacher. A donation of X£ safeguards its health, which ensures that someone’s kids get to school and get the education they need. Then they can re-think the challenges in front of them."


The campaign would span over the course of the year, starting in September with Wave 1 - "It's not a Donkey”; followed by  Wave 2 - "The Donkey Condition" in January; completing with Wave 3 - "Donkey Days" over the summer.

It would make the most out of social media, brand activations events, summer festivais for the demographic targeted and word of mouth. For each phase, email capturing would take place and kickstart the marketing automation product providing personalised content to users.