I'm a London based digital designer that gives a damn. A damn about the project, the client's goals and mostly the end user.

Working in the industry since 2010, I have a passion for clean and minimal aesthetics that highlight the content and the interactions. 

Available for freelance, get in touch.



5 Facts about me

1. I write a (fairly) successful travel blog.

2. I'm a ceramicist. When not in front of a laptop or travelling, I'm getting covered in clay. 

3. I collect tattoos for what they are, art.

4. My teenage years were spent crowd surfing to the sound of punk-rock bands. 

5. Most afternoons I can be found at a climbing wall. 



Art Direction, User Interface/Product Design, UX Design and Prototyping (Invision, AfterEffects) 


Google, Microsoft, McDonald's, Super Bock, BBC, BP, EE, HSF, Hovis, Cathedral City, Drambuie + more

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